Medical Technology

Medical Technology - Application

The infection risk in the laboratory, in the surgery or the consulting room as well as in the lounge and waiting rooms is particularly elevated. Germs get transmitted by the air, the consequences may be serious. UV devices from STERILSYSTEMS decisively minimize this risk. Why? Even multiresistent germs get inactivated by the UV technology and thus don´t do damage anymore. If even the UV module gets integrated in the ventilating and air conditioning system, this would be the best protection, as scientific studies have proved.

The purpose-developed air purification unit VC400 non only eliminates germs, bacteria, viruses and mould, but also the respirable pm2,5 particulate matter, which is considered to be particularly dangerous and to be the originator of many pulmonary diseases. The fact of an integrated pollen capture additionally are indicative for the innovative energy of the developers and engineers of Salzburg.

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