UV-C Air Sterilisation


PF512ST1 - UV-C Air Sterilisation

The PF512PN unit for air sterilisation acts in order to degerminate the ambiance air of rooms, in which there is a movement of air, e.g. by evaporator fans.

The application area is extended to cooling rooms, after-ripening climate rooms and to the odour elimination in confiscate rooms and carcase collecting points. By a bezel the UV-C light gets reliably screened to the bottom and thus persons and viands are protected against a direct irradiation.

The units get assembled with few movements with the provided mounting angles to the ceiling or the wall. The mobile protection screen may be adjusted flexibly. By the air passing the assembled units for air degermination germs, bacteria, viruses, yeasts and moulds get eliminated reliably up to 99,9% and thus prevented from any reproduction.


The unit is completely made from stainless steel. The front end electronics attuned to the UV lamp is waterprotectedly mounted in the cage. As is usual with UV-C units, the UV-lamp must be changed in determinate intervals. The STERILSSYSTEMS high performance lamps, after a very high durability of 16.000 hours, may simply be changed by an in-line socket.

Optionally the unit may be equipped with different lamps for the odour neutralisation.


  • Simple, straightforward and effective
    especially in cold stores and warehouses when they should be kept free of germs
  • Simple Maintenance
  • highly economical and powerful
    16,000 hours of life UV-C emitters provide a consistently high sterilizing efficiency

Technical Data

Technische Daten
Type PF512ST1
Dimensions L 902 × H 127 × T 88 mm
Material cage stainless steel
Emitter 1 × high efficiency UV-C emitter 16.000 hrs
Outlet Eur Plug
Power 40 W
Voltage 230 V ± 10% 50-60 Hz
Weight 3,1 kg
Mark of conformity CE

Technical Data Sheet

PF512ST1 Technical Data Sheet

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