Coil-Disinfection / CD-System



The Coil-Disinfection (CD) by STERILSYSTEMS was designed and developed especially for the sterilization of heat exchanger lamellas/coils. Normally, a bio-film develops at the lamellas after a certain time, which negatively influences the heat or cold transfer and which contaminates the air with bacteria and mold. This process can also result in a displeasing odor development in your ventilation system. The UV-C technology permits a sterilization of up to 99.999%. This effectively eliminates germs, viruses, yeasts and mold spores and prevents multiplication.

Coil-Disinfection / CD-System


The CD-System consists of one or more UV-C radiator/s and high quality, rustproof, acid and lye resistant stainless steel reflectors, which is in accordance with the highest hygiene requirements. The durable UV-C radiators can be dimensioned for a cold as well as hot application and, on request, they can be equipped with splinter protection.
The radiators and reflectors will be delivered with a bar fastening system and a wall bracket.


  • Disinfection free of chemicals – no additional use of chemicals required for disinfection
  • Fast retrofit – easy, fast, flexible and cost effective installation for almost any ventilation system, independent of the size
  • Cold and hot application – by using different radiators
  • Very economical – significant reduction of the maintenance and cleaning costs, the output of the evaporators remains constant
  • Energy savings – the energy costs will be reduced significantly by re-establishing the heat transfer and the evenness of the air flow
  • Radiation with perfect precision – the stainless steel reflectors ensure a targeted radiation on the evaporator or the evaporator lamellas

Technical data


CD300 CD500 CD700 CD810 CD1000 CD1200 CD1500 CD1800
Length 320 520 720 830 1020 1220 1520 1820
Power in Watt 7
H × T 80 x 20
Leistung 13 23 35 40 50 61 77 92
Material housing |
Voltage | Identification
stainless steel | 230/400V 50Hz | CE

Technical data sheet

Coil-Disinfection / CD-System Technical data sheet

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