The pass-through disinfection system - with a new High-Performance-Technology (HPF) - is used to remove unwanted micro-organisms on surfaces.
The HPF technology provides an up to 2.5 times higher output than the previous DE series and therefore it is suitable for special disinfection requirements. The disinfection is provided inline and can be integrated in the production line without an additional work step, the surface will be disinfected dry, without chemicals and heat impact.
The product or packaging are placed on the conveyor belt and driven through the UV-C disinfection unit. A 360° disinfection is achieved by using a special placement of the radiators. The desired capacity can be provided as per requirement. The efficiency factor of the disinfection of unwanted germs, viruses, yeasts and mold spores is up to 99.999% - including the underside.


High-quality acid- and bases resistant stainless steel and a very high surface grade to satisfy the highest demands in hygiene. The especially quiet running conveyor belt makes hardly any noise. The ballast electronics and motor control are waterproof and integrated in a switch cabinet in stainless steel.
 12,000 hours UV-C radiator life span are tantamount to constantly high disinfection efficiency. Exchange of the radiators is easily done by means of a screw socket – without additional effort or cost. The UV radiators are delivered with splinter shields.



  • 360° Disinfection  – the innovative technology permits an efficient disinfection of four sides - including the underside
  • In-Line – the disinfection can be integrated in the production line without additional work steps
  • High-performance  – the HPF technology achieves a 2.5 times performance increase as compared to conventional radiators
  • No humidity and heat development  –  the surface will be disinfected completely dry and without additional chemicals
  • Harmless for employees  – due to the optimal light partition, the disinfection system used is uncritical for employees
  • High quality design  – rustproof, acid resistant stainless steel
  • Wet cleaning possible

Technical data


DE 500 DE 810 DE 1500
Housing Material Stainless Steel
Dimensions 3.000 × 600 × 1.300 mm 3.250 × 600 × 1.300 mm 4.000 × 600 × 1.300 mm
Conveyor dimension Customer request
Working high 1.000 ± 150 mm
Emitter UV-C-emitter ST 1high efficiency
Power ca. 500 W ca. 800 W ca. 1.400 W
Identification CE
DE System Technical data sheet

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