High efficiency UV-C Surface Disinfection


Raypanel - High efficiency UV-C Surface Disinfection

With the disinfection by ultraviolet light, the industry has at disposal a natural, chemical-free, dry and uncomplicated method. With the RAYPANEL system, germ-free surfaces and consequently an even higher quality assurance of the products are guaranteed.

Our modules with their extraordinarily elevated power density and reliability are really well suited for the highly effi cient disinfection of surfaces like packaging, closures, cups immediately. With the product of STERILSYSTEMS GmbH the industry has at disposal one of the most powerful UV-C technologies. Germ-killing rates up to 99.99% in 1-2 seconds (see image, depending on type) allows the application even with very elevated line speed. Available in graduated frame sizes for different widths.


The UV-C disinfection system is made of stainless steel, splash proof, with modular confi guration for the simple integration in fi lling, packaging and sealing lines. For optimal and stable thermal conditions and maximisation of performance, the housing is air-cooled. An elaborate refl ector system provides for a max. UV-C effi ciency on the disinfection surface.

The emitters are equipped with an automatic error control and a signal contact. Optionally the UV-C emitters get powerregulated. With sensitive materials, a shutter system immediately seals off the high emitter performance.

Modular & konsquent

  • Quality safty
    Ensure even higher quality security products by germ-free surfaces
  • Modularer design
    easy integration into bottling, packaging and sealing machine
  • Rapid Disinfektion
    Germ kill rates up to 99.99% in 1-2 seconds allows the use at very high engine speeds

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