Blade disinfection

The ME3 is used to sterilize blades and provides effective blade disinfection, including shaft transitions.
me3 messer desinfektion uvc geraet


Packaging and slicing lines | Meat processing companies | Butcher shops | Food production | Restaurants and kitchens | Company cafeterias

me3 uvc desinfektion messer
me3 uv desinfektion messerkorb
me3 uvc lampe messer
me3 uvc klingenentkeimung

Function DVG listing – tested and verified disinfection power; up to three blades can be inserted into the top of the ME3; blades are automatically cleaned of residue using water, then sterilized within 30 seconds by UV-C emitters – incl. shaft transitions; no water vapor – blades remain sharp; very low energy costs

Equipment Rust-proof stainless steel housing – moisture-protected UV-C emitter module with integrated ballast electronics; low current consumption, just 36W power consumption; complete UV-C shielding (good personnel protection)
Assembly/maintenance Turnkey ready – cable length 3m; simple maintenance and cleaning – foaming and rinsing, operator can exchange emitters themselves
Option also available without water rinsing

Technical Data

Dimensions in mm L x W x H215 × 600 × 170
Housing materialV2A stainless steel
Emitter ST12x UV-C high efficiency / 12.000 h
Power in W2 × 13
Voltage230V ± 10% (50 – 60Hz)
Connection cable in m 3 incl. Schuko plug
Weight in kg8,9
Protection classIP 67
Blade capacity3 blades